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Dr. Michael Defilippo

Dr. Michael Defilippo is a licensed Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP), and is board certified in Psychiatry (PMHNP-BC). He has Baccalaureate preparation in psychology (B.A.) through New Mexico Highlands University, Master’s preparation in Nursing (MSN) through the University of St Francis, and completed his Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP), through the University of South Carolina. Michael has over 18 years of clinical experience as a Registered Nurse, with 12 years in critical care environments (ER, ICU, Flight Nursing). For the last 7 years Michael has maintained a private practice and cared for severely mentally ill, treatment-resistant clients in rural Washington.


We Provide An Evidence-Based Approach To Treatment

Michael works with children, adolescents, and adults (ages 5 and older). He performs comprehensive psychiatric evaluations utilizing both psychopharmacologic and brief supportive psychotherapeutic approaches with a cognitive behavioral underpinning. He has extensive experience in the diagnosis and management of a wide range of psychiatric sign/symptom spectrums. Michael’s knowledge, experience, and training in Family Practice and Psychiatry add invaluable perspective into the integrated nature of mental illness. He believes in collaborative care, and will engage with your therapist, primary care provider, and other specialists to ensure optimal mental health.

Michael’s approach to mental health begins with respect, kindness and understanding. He believes that this is best accomplished through in-depth exploration of an individual’s unique situation. Michael will utilize his formative clinical experience, up-to-date evidence, and most importantly, your needs and preferences, to assist you in achieving optimal psychiatric well-being.

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