Anxiety Disorders

Assessment and Treatment of Anxiety

A diagnosis of anxiety may cover a wide range of symptoms and may feel slightly different for each person. Some of these symptoms may include worry, nervousness, sleeplessness, fear, heart pounding, or a combination of symptoms. Factors that contribute to anxiety may be health issues, environment, history, or the inability to cope with stressors.

Anxiety may cause you to lie awake at night, which may lead to further distress. Is your lack of sleep causing anxiety, or is the anxiety causing lack of sleep? Either way, your mental health provider can help you learn to sleep better and regain the energy you need for everyday challenges.




We Provide An Evidenced-Based Approach To Treatment

Due to the various ways that anxiety may develop and persist, the approaches to treating these symptoms are diverse and specific to the individual who is having these issues. I’ve heard people say “I come from a long line of worriers” and believe they are doomed to have anxiety. Or worse, they feel like their lives are out of their control. Although some may be predisposed to worry, research has shown that people can improve their mental health and gain control of their lives.

At Vanguard Psychiatry we take the time to gain an understanding of the symptoms YOU are having, and what YOUR goals are. We believe that anxiety can be resolved by gaining a full understanding of various areas of your life, and working together to implement an unique treatment plan to help you feel better. 

Mental wellness is affected by a person’s thoughts, physical health, sleep, nutrition, exercise, and stress. For example a person may experience tension headaches, back pain, or GI problems and discover these issues are due to conscious or unconscious stressful thoughts.

Does anxiety cause you to feel stuck? Are there issues at work that are beyond your control? Do certain relationships stress you out? These situations are complex and require a unique approach to help you get back on track and moving forward.

At Vanguard, Dr. Defilippo provides an opportunity for an extensive intake with questions that cover physical health, family history, work, relationships, and issues that are pertinent to the problem. Due to their diverse array of symptoms patients may learn that their distress is a result of a combination of factors and need to address their physical as well as their emotional health.

Patients become more ‘self-aware’ as a result of starting treatment with Vanguard Psychiatry. This includes understanding practices in their everyday life that either aggravate or alleviate their distress. Dr. Defilippo will collaborate to develop goals that will help decrease anxiety and lead to a better quality of life.

How Can Vanguard Psychiatry Help?

Consider Claire’s story.

Claire recently started a job working from home as a computer programmer. Claire is 28 years old, single, and lives alone with her cat. When Claire came in to Vanguard Psychiatry she described her symptoms, including: excessive worry, headaches, and daily alcohol intake of 3-4 drinks of hard liquor to “calm” her nerves. Claire said she has smoked cigarettes for about 10 years, but she knows this is not healthy and would like help quitting. Claire also explained that she doesn’t go outside much and has her groceries dropped off at her house, due to worrying about something terrible happening if she were to go to the store in person. Claire’s additional fears included getting sick, having an accident, and being judged by people who might see her as unattractive. During the interview Claire told Dr. Defilippo that she would like to start seeing her old friends again, but she is worried that something terrible will happen if she goes out of her house.


How can Vanguard Psychiatry help Claire?

Dr. Defilippo and Claire took a few sessions to establish a list of goals that Claire wanted to achieve. They also discussed medications to help Claire begin her journey to recovery. During the sessions, Claire was able to reflect and make a list of her personal strengths and resources that would help her obtain her goals. These included a love of nature, a relative who lives in the next town, and a friend whose house was a 5 minute drive from her. Claire’s treatment plan included medication and learning coping skills to help her overcome her anxiety and live a more full life.

Working with a trained psychiatric professional can help unmask the symptoms you are experiencing and help you find solutions. At Vanguard Psychiatry we understand that mental health treatment is not a “one size fits all” approach and each person’s experience is unique. Dr Defilippo will explore solutions that will provide relief and help you begin enjoying life again.

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